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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Thought Process

I will use this utensil the same as any to expand my horizons and release the inner most workings of my creative process. There are agendas and topics that come about in my mind and I feel this can be a great outlet for my points of view on these particular situations and notions, but any comment in these statements will be my opinion only. A great topic of discussion in my mind right now are the viewpoints of the situation in Haiti with the devastation left in the wake of 7.0 earthquake that has claimed the lives of 150,000 people.

Out and about I have heard some ask a question "Why are we focusing so much on helping these people, when so much need be done in our own country, where there are poor, sick and dying with each day harboring a new atrocity..." I guess a good answer would be in the form of another question, why would you help anyone, why must there be a reason to do the right thing? Innocent people living in a type of bondage I can only begin to imagine need to be reminded that someone cares, for the simple reason of caring. There are people actually bad mouthing the relief efforts saying we should simply focus on our own country and basically implying that those injured and dying should be left to deal with their own struggles.

(If you can, help others, if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.)
Dalai Lama

I'm pretty sure at this point the word harm can be interpreted in any form, whether physical or verbal, and that we as Americans can do better. I love my country, for what it stands for regardless of the ridiculous road taken to get here, because each day I find myself surrounded by genuinely great people, people that work hard toward a positive existence. True, some people suck, but people suck all over the world, yet still we should continue to push toward helping those who struggle on any avenue in this road of life, to reaffirm whatever goals they too once believed in. In point, I think the response to the relief and aid of Haiti after such a cataclysmic event should be viewed in whatever positive way possible, for simply put it is a good thing that Americans with a chance to act are taking up the call, and my hope is these effects will spread through the masses in all nations globally and push us one step closer to a brighter future.

I would like to think anything in this world is possible, especially with my daughter set to be born any day now, that she might look back at the endless scenarios and conflicts that have shaped this modern world and at least see progress on the forefront of human independence and freedom. In every choice, in every person there is the ability for change, and as long as we all stand together, we can continue to shape a brave new modern world, hopefully for the better.

Thank you, mostly for existing in such a pivotal moment in history,

Mark S. LaMaster

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